Monday, January 4, 2016

Leaving for Kenya tomorrow!

Tomorrow I get to hop on a series of airplanes and go spend time among a community of friends in Kenya  that has come to be a second home. I can't wait to eat at Moses' cafe, help Alice package her Maandazi, see Susan's latest jewelry, and everyone else. I'm really excited that some wonderful friends from the US will be joining in here and there - one global community.

While in Kenya, I'm going to be catching up with everybody, evaluating programs, and capturing new stories to share with you all.

While in Uganda, we will be laying the foundations for a new program aimed at orphan prevention - and I am beyond thrilled to take the first steps towards this wonderful goal.

Friends, I have to say it again. This is not possible without your help. If you haven't heard my funding goal yet, here it is - I have to raise $6000 to continue to be able to direct UTST this year. Will you help me? Here's my full letter:

Dear Friends and Community,

I hope you had a really wonderful Holiday season, and were able to take some time to rest and enjoy the company of family and friends!

As you probably know, I have the amazing privilege to get to serve as the Executive Director of Under the Same Tree - a nonprofit organization that works in Kenya and Uganda. Through partnerships with local churches there, we are able to provide economic empowerment to those living in poverty, and services that focus on orphan care and orphan prevention. I am so thankful that through your support, I was able to spend 2015 working full time on growing and developing Under the Same Tree. We were able to see so much progress as a result, with direct impact on the lives of 12 families in Kenya already. (For a full report on all that happened in 2015 through your support, see our annual report:

Like I said, I am so blessed and thankful to be able to steward and grow this ministry, and I am praying to be able to continue to do so for many years to come. To do this, I need your help. I am responsible for fundraising to cover my salary, and we are entering 2016 with a need of raising $6000 to sustain my role in ministry. It's with the utmost humility that I have the responsibility of asking this as we enter this new year.

To put it in perspective, I am asking for:

1 person to give $1000 (Or $83 per month)
2 people to give $500 (Or $42 per month)
3 people to give $300 (Or $25 per month)
5 People to give $200 (Or $17 per month)
10 people to give $100 (Or $9 per month)
20 people to give $50 (Or $5 per month)

Would you consider making a donation that equates numerically to sharing a Taco Bell taco with me each day, or a Starbucks Latte per week? If you are already an ongoing monthly supporter, would you consider making a one-time donation to help reach this goal?

Please follow this link to make a one-time or recurring donation:
The simple fact that you are receiving this message symbolizes that I trust you to be a partner with me in this ministry. I am so thankful for so many wonderful friendships, and that God has called us together for His purposes in this world. Thank you so much for all you do to work together as the body of Christ. 

I am leaving to spend time among our programs in Kenya and Uganda on January 5th! If you are unable to partner financially, please also consider partnering with me the following ways:

Prayer: Pray for the strengthening of the local church in the areas where we work, for the effectiveness of our programs, and for minimal stress and anxiety as I prepare for this year.

Connections: When I return in the Spring, I will need help getting connected with new avenues (churches, community groups, etc), where I can share videos and stories about this ministry. Help connect us with people you know!

Volunteer: We have thriving US-based volunteer teams who work in the areas of event planning, donor relations, and creative marketing. Consider volunteering!

Thank you so much again for making all of this possible,


 Meanwhile, it is midnight on Monday night. We leave at 8 AM Tuesday morning. David just decided to start his packing process. Well David, you have eight hours.

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