Monday, February 2, 2015

Mexican food in Africa

This boy. I'm really proud of him. When we first started talking about pursuing ministry in East Africa, he was on board with no hesitations.  He left a lot of things he loves to come here with me - friends, musical instruments, consistent internet... and food. He's flexible. On days he doesn't feel well, he keeps going. He makes sure I'm eating and resting. He makes me take my vitamins. We're best friends. We're a really strong team. He wants me to be nothing but who God made me to be, and trusts me in this, and in life, in a way that really humbling. We don't always look like your average couple. Sometimes people make remarks to him that would seem offensive, because he isn't quite the "machismo" that culture would expect. But he rolls with the punches and turns them into jokes, and is completely comfortable being who God has made him to be. And I love this beyond words.

Since we've been in Kenya, he has been cooking every night. He and our friend Tom have been coming up with really good adaptations of all kinds of food - pizza, quesadillas, fajitas, curries, and last night - my favorite of all favorites in the whole world - fish tacos. Homemade tortillas, fresh vegetables, and whole fish straight from Lake Victoria. Wow. I just have to brag a little.