Tuesday, April 28, 2015

This one is about the things that scare me.

Since we have been back from East Africa, we have been working to take months worth of video footage and compile is into a series of visual stories that share the heart of our work in Kenya and Uganda, and the lives of the people we work with there. I have been so excited to share all these things with the whole world. So for about three weeks, we are visiting friends and churches all throughout the southern US to share this thing.

This is where I get a little scared. There are a lot of things I am not scared of. There are also a lot of things I am terified of that I am constantly having to shove myself out the door to do anyways.

I am a behind the scenes person, naturally. I seriously dislike being the center of attention. And yet I constantly constantly  find myself up speaking, singing, leading stuff, and trying to say a big no to my introverted side. Good thing His power works best in our weakness. I am banking on that.

So this week I am a little scared. I have been given several opportunities in all these cities to stand up in boldness and share my heart, and hopefully raise up a good support network for UTST, but I fear the criticism of others. We made a "documentary," but we are not videographers or cinematographers in the least. Yikes. Yet, I find so many people opening their doors and welcoming us in. I love the people I work within East Africa, and i have the monumental privelege of sharing their stories.  So here we go.