Sunday, November 24, 2013

Monday, November 18, 2013


Haha, back at the end of the summer, David and I came up with a plan to visit and blog about all of these things to do in Saint Louis. It was a great plan. But I've (as usual) managed to figure out how to fill every minute of every day with some form of productivity, and that plan kinda died out...

Maybe we'll manage to pick it back up sometime.

In the meantime, starting next week, Under the Same Tree (or UTST, as I like to call it), will be selling official t-shirts! It's going to be a really great experience for anyone who buys one, because they will be able to choose an individual and a specific need that they want the proceeds of the shirt to go to. Here's what the logo is looking like..

"How are things going with all that?" You may be asking me in your head. My answer is that we are continuing to make slow progress towards actually getting things started! (We need to raise some initial money, so these t-shirts are a step towards that goal.) We have had specific things we have been prayerfully asking for for the past several months, and are beginning to see our prayers answered in exciting ways. I've been in need of other people who are committed to helping me with planning, logistics, etc, and I've had a few very good friends who have decided to plunge in recently, and that is so, sooooo good.

A large piece of what planted the vision for this work was time that I spent several years ago in Tanzania with Grace and Healing Ministries (supported by an absolutely incredible US based advocacy organization called Lahash International). They released this video at the beginning of the year, and it played a part in really pushing me forward to put thoughts/dreams/calling into action. Since then, things have come together in really unexplainable ways.

Watch this (I know many of these precious people):