Sunday, May 17, 2015

"We have no house, but we have homes everywhere we go"

"We need to quietly make friends with people; steadfastly stay the course. Jesus said, in training His disciples. "Go out and take nothing with you. Go out and make friends!" ...When the vision of our ministry matches what God has called people to do, they will help us carry out the work. When Jesus sent the disciples out with nothing at all, it put them in a vulnerable place - where they were completely dependent on God. They could not trust their own security or providence, but only in God. What is beautiful with the early Christians is that they were not just to wait around on God to rain down manna from Heaven, but they were also to make friends and trust that people along the way would take care of them and welcome them into their homes. It put the early Christians in a position where not only were they to practice hospitality, but were also to be dependent upon recieving it. As one of the early Christians said, 'We have no house, but we have homes everywhere we go.'" - John Perkins and Shane Claiborne, Follow Me to Freedom

It has been almost exactly a year now since David and I moved out of our apartment so that we could leave our full time jobs and really launch this ministry, UTST. We have lived in a camper. We have also lived for periods of time with many, many of our friends. And family. We just finished up a three week circle of the southern states where we visited many old friends and made many new friends, and shared the stories of our friends in East Africa. This post is a thank you. Thank you for being a community so like this early Church that is talked about in the quote above. Thank you for taking care of us. Thank you for loving sacrificially.

When we first started this journey, mentors told us that God would provide for our needs, but it might not look exactly like we expect. Well friends, it looks a lot like you. Thank you :)

We are on our way back to the stl right now. If you are there, see ya soon!
- Katie and David