Monday, August 27, 2012

Worth Sharing

Over the past couple months, I have gradually become aware of something that I find to be strangely inspiring, slightly troubling, but altogether interesting and very much requiring response on my part.

Last month I had a wedding.

Through this event and the process that surrounded it, I became the recipient of innumerable messages, both verbal and nonverbal, that pointed to one common theme - That people are actually interested in my life. That they are curious about the things that I do, and why I do them. That people have formed perceptions of who I am based on what they see of my life.

The reason that I find this slightly troubling is that I know that for many people, I have only provided a small glimpse of my life, or who I am, for that matter. It troubles me that people may form perceptions of who I am based on the limited information I have shared, or perhaps more importantly, on the lack of my physical presence in their own lives. Now, this is not to say that I have not been overwhelmed with kindness and love and messages of inspiration in the past several months. Because I have indeed. But I feel that I have fallen short in  being deliberate about sharing the stories that come out of my days with anyone but those who I happen to come in contact with on a regular basis. I have realized that there are many people out there who wish to remain connected with my life, and I have not provided them with any avenue through which this might be possible. Because of the limitations of time that I'm sure we all feel pressing in on our lives, I cannot physically see and talk to all who I wish to be connected to on a regular basis. My life, like all of our lives, is so busy. But it is busy because it is bursting with stories that are in progress. And I am beginning to realize that there may be more people who are interested in hearing these stories than I thought. I tend to be very cynical and tell myself that my life doesn't really matter to many people. But I may actually be doing many people a disservice by not sharing the simple stories that come out of my days.

First, I am worried that there are many people who perceive me as solely tired and busy, as I often am. But the things that cause me to be tired and busy are where the beauty lies. And I'm realizing that they are worth sharing.

Secondly, stories have the power to connect and inspire. I've drawn inspiration from the stories of so many other peoples' lives. I'd be doing them a disservice to not share my own with those who happen to be interested.

So I will try to write often.

It is my hope that the stories and reflections shared here will be Kingdom stories, for my heart knows no greater allegiance than to the Kingdom of God.. Where the weak are strong and the last are first, war and oppression are no more, and all is made right. This is the driving force behind all that I hope for, and I pray that this Kingdom is being made manifest in my life. That, I suppose, is worth sharing as well.