Wednesday, January 13, 2016

First Week in Kenya!

This is a guest post from UTST traveler, Kaitlyn Slattery! I will be
sending out an update on what has been going on a as well when I have
more time and internet access :)

 I have been in Nairobi for 7 days now! It has been such an eye
opening experience. I am so thankful I have had this opportunity to
spend time with the people of Kenya. I am learning some Swahili, I am
learning about their culture, their ways of life, their food, their
businesses and dreams, and how they are overcoming impossible
situations every day with smiles, joy, and hope.

I have been most impacted by a lady named Alice. To me, Alice is the
definition of joy. She lost her husband 2 years ago from AIDS and has
2 little girls at home to care for.  She gets up every morning at 2am
to start making tea and biscuits to sell on the streets.  She takes
all of her baked goods and walks to her shop.  She works long hours
and then has two little mouths to feed. Visiting with her she was all
smiles, and a whole lot of laughter.  The loan program that UTST has
set up has allowed Alice to rent a space to sell her goods. It has
helped her so much she says. We have a lot to learn from Alice. Every
day she faces seemingly impossible challenges, but yet she says that
God will never leave her empty handed.

Although there is a lot of overwhelming poverty, I am inspired by so
many and inspired by their faith in God. Many are or were living on
less than a dollar a day, yet, they are full of thankfulness and
praises to God.  They are really teaching me that despite
circumstances, God doesn't change!  I am excited to continue to hear
stories of how the UTST loan program has changed lives, and to
continue to hear stories of hope.

Life here is very different than life in America.  For one, I would be
exhausted if I had to do all my laundry by hand for an entire family!
They work very hard here.  Most are up before 5AM and work late into
the evening, and also have children to feed and take care of.  I have
learned that school is a very stressful and EXPENSIVE thing for
people, which is why the loan program has also been such a help for
many. The businesses they own have been able to grow therefore
increasing their profit allowing them to send their children to
I am trying to soak in all I can. I am keeping a journal so when I
have more time and better internet I can really share with you all
what life is like here.

My headaches have been at a minimum and I am so thankful! I am doing
well! Thank you everyone who has been praying for us.  I can feel
them.  I am truly leaning on God for peace, rest, and security, and I
know He will continue to provide that for us.

Love you all!

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