Monday, February 6, 2017

Life with Valley

This is our 8th week together in Nicaragua. It's just been me and Valley here for almost half of it. She's curious and exploring, playful and wild, but also easy-going and patient. I'm still able to get a lot done for UTST, even while chasing the little explorer (who, with her lack of walking, has managed to become a very fast crawler). It's easy to go out with her (except for the fact that I have to manage to carry baby and all of our supplies, jumping from taxi to street to bus), so we visit new places and see new things. I'm thankful, because if you know me - I have trouble staying at home for too long.

I'm so very, very encouraged by all of the many notes and messages I receive on a daily basis from everyone back home. Thank you all so much for continuously keeping us in your thoughts and prayers, it keeps me feeling connected with you all.

Many of you ask how much longer we will be here, and what needs we have. I'm hoping we have less than a month left! Things tend to be quite unpredictable, however, so I can't say that for sure.

As for our needs - honestly, the biggest need that we have is funding. Agency fees and lawyer fees are expensive, I have to pay on top of our rent at home to stay here, we're paying off plane tickets, and we will be facing an unknown amount of medical bills when we get home and have Valley's condition evaluated and treated by specialists in the US. We need funds. The most sustainable way to support us financially is to support my position as director of UTST. It takes so much work for me to try to fund my own salary, and becoming a supporter takes a huge burden off of our shoulders. You can do that here. We also have a fundraising page for adoption expenses, which is located here.

In terms of supplies, we have wonderful friends collecting diapers (size 2 and 3) and gift cards. We have very little cold weather clothes (if we manage to get back while it's still cold out) - she's currently wearing 12 months size clothes.

Thanks so much for all of the love and support, friends!

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