Friday, August 23, 2013

Running Around

Sometimes between my shifts at work, I go to walk/run around in some of the more impressive neighborhoods in Saint Louis. I'm not a person who strives for wealth or prestige, values which many people consider these neighborhoods to represent.. but my sense of well-being is often greatly affected by my surroundings. Saint Louis as a whole has a sort of ironic beauty about it; crumbling urban decay, images of the past mixed with the present, authenticity mixed with commercialism. After a while it weighs on your senses. I love the sense of vitality and well being that comes from being surrounded by things that blossom and grow. The neighborhoods that I have been exploring are amazing, in this sense. They are full of old houses, towering trees, and front lawns covered in huge flowering gardens. What if we worked to make the rest of this city like that - full of restored houses, flourishing gardens, towering trees.. and we could all run around all day ;)

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