How to Help

Although there are many, many diverse ways that you can help support us through this process, we would like to highlight three main ways in which you can join us to help make this process possible.

1. Help us reach our first fundraising milestone by donating to our YouCaring Page. This is a lengthy and expensive process that requires upwards of $20,000 in fees for things like paperwork processing and agency fees. I know that we are constantly fundraising in our day-to-day lives, but God never ceases to provide what we need.

2. The most impactful way that you can support us through this process is by becoming a monthly supporter of Katie's position at Under the Same Tree. This will enable us to continue to have a sustainable income source throughout this process, and will also enable Under the Same Tree's work in orphan prevention through economic empowerment to continue. These are two really good things!

3. I occasionally do portrait photography on the side. (I have a collection of DSLR camera gear that I primarily use for UTST). I will do natural light portrait sessions (family, kids, engagement, anniversaries, seniors, etc) in exchange for whatever donation you would like to make. You can see examples here, and schedule your session by emailing me at

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